Süntaş A.Ş., the basis of Yataş, was founded in 1976 and it is the first foam factory in Anatolia. In 1979, our company started to produce foam mattresses as well as foam by increasing facility investments; Started production of spring mattresses in 1981, home textile products in 1987, sofabed and Living rooms in 1993, and improved its product range and strengthened the brand reliability with rich service approach and quality.

Having adopted customer satisfaction as a fundamental principle, Yataş is committed to providing long-term relationships with its customers by providing the best service to its customers, reflecting the latest innovations in its products by following the world fashion and latest trends in its field. As a young and dynamic company with its ever evolving technology and increased capacity, Yataş will continue to maintain its leader position in bedding, home textile, furniture and living rooms and will continue to establish the firsts. Yataş has gone through two different types of store structuring with changed and renewed showroom approach. These two types of showrooms allow Yataş to combine bedding and furniture expertise with contemporary retailing vision and offers the highest quality shopping experience to consumers.

Selected by Superbrands, an independent brand evaluation company operating in 48 countries around the world, Turkey’s “superbrand” 2010, Yataş continue to increase its reach around the world with each passing year. Exporting to different countries around the world, Yataş is changing and evolving with its innovative and functional design approach.

Showroom Types

Enza Home: 1500 + square meter
Yataş Bedding: 250 + square meter

The Firsts

In 1988 our company initiated the retail system in Turkey; Yataş also was the first company in its sector that has gone public in 1996. Visco Therapy mattresses and pillows, are manufactured with the Closed Cell Viscoelastic “Memory Foam Technology” that is born from the Space Technology developed by NASA. Yataş is also authorized to sell “Dacron” products. The wool padding that is used in the winter side of Yataş mattresses is 100% Woolmark®. The only company that uses Woolmark in mattresses is Yataş.


Yataş Group has been taking firm steps towards becoming a world company with its developing technology and increasing quality since the day it was founded; and is moving forward in its adventure to open up to foreign markets and established a position to export over 45 countries. Exporting to USA, Cyprus, Romania, Syria, Netherlands, Libya, Morocco, Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Greece, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Maldives, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and Romania, Yataş products are being retailed under many world wide brands.


As one of the leading manufacturers of the sector, Yataş offers services with its 92,000 square meters of enclosed space, 160,000 square meters of open space, factories in Kayseri and Ankara, with more than 1,400 employees and over 400 sales points.

Yataş A.Ş. Kayseri (Mattress, Home Textile and Foam) Plant
Enclosed space: 47,200 m2 Open space: 72,794 m2 Mattress Capacity (annual): 360,000 pcs Home Texture capacity (annual): 636,000 pcs Foam capacity (annual): 185,000 m3 Yataş A.Ş. Kayseri (Sofa) Factory Enclosed space: 22,800 m2 Open space: 7,079 m2 Sofa capacity (annual): 158,000 pcs Yataş A.Ş Ankara (Modular Furniture) Factory Enclosed space: 22,000 m2 Open space: 80,000 m2 Mod. furniture capacity (annual): 24,000 sets