Application & Hiring

Application Process

You can contact us by sending your application letters and CVs via various application channels (our 'Open Positions' section and / or [email protected]). You can apply for positions to your liking by filling out our job application form, which you can receive at your nearest retail store or Human Resources Unit. Your applications will be reviewed by Human Resources department and you will be invited to the interview if your competencies are consistent with the vacancies required. Your CVs are stored in our database for a year and are open to evaluation.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process at Yataş Group consists error-free execution of personnel selection and placement in accordance with the principle of "the right person for the right job". Experienced or newly graduated candidates for employment are evaluated with their interests, their training and their competencies in mind. Taking into account the requirements of the relevant position, learning, experience, foreign language knowledge, etc. the personal qualifications and competences observed in the criteria and job interviews play an important role in the selection of candidates. 
For the candidates that are deemed suitable for the position following preliminary interview with the Human Resources Department, appropriate evaluation tools are applied and the candidates who are included in the shortlist are interviewed by the related division managers.

Based on evaluations gathered via interviews, reference search is initiated for the candidates who are shortlisted as “eligible to employ”. The applicants who pass all evaluations are offered a job and the recruitment process is initiated. The CV’s of applicants who fail to pass evaluations are kept in our database for a year and the candidates are informed regarding the outcome.


For every new employee who will start working in our organization; an orientation program is utilized to speed up the process of harmonization with work and workplace, which includes Yataş values, working conditions, business rules and procedures, workplace, working environment, the rights and benefits, duties and responsibilities, and informing the employee. The trial period in our workplace is 2 months.