• Health That Comes
    With Pure Wool…

    Wool is the most ideal choice because it is natural, recyclable, environmentally friendly,
    durable and soft. Woolmark®, one of the biggest wool manufacturers in the world,
    provides 100% natural and pure wools used in Yataş mattresses, which are available
    only at Yataş for a comfortable, luxurious and calm night’s sleep.
  • Meet Uninterrupted Sleep...

    Verticoil® EdgeTM Spring System contains 21% more springs than the industry standard,
    offering a wide sleeping surface, including on the edges of the mattress.
    In mattresses that use the Verticoil® EdgeTM spring system with more supported sleeping surface,
    the springs adjust to sleep movements immediately, actively providing comfort and support to the body throughout the night.


    With natural latex layer and 7-Zone Pocket Spring system, the elastic structure of Seven-Z Latex
    mattress obsorbs the boddy's pressure to reduce the turning movements during sleep while
    providing support to each area of the body separately, providing a very comfortable
    sleeping in fewer positions.


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